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5 Reasons Why You Should Wear The Right Workout Clothes

Leverage the benefit of the right workout clothes. Improve your performance and enhance your comfort. Want to know how? Read more.

Nothing is more important than getting your overall health and mental well-being in a mint condition.

But how many of you know that it is equally important to ensure you wear the right gear for your workout?


Some of you might not know this, but the clothes you wear can greatly impact your overall workout performance.

Besides boosting your confidence while working out, the right workout clothes also contribute additional benefits that you might not know.

In this article, we will share the five benefits of wearing the right workout clothes for your training sessions to give insights into why you should wear the right workout gear.

1. Wicks Sweat & Breathability

Working out produces a lot of sweat, especially those intense workouts like HIIT. Hence, getting the right clothing set is crucial to maintaining your comfort level throughout the workout session.

Here is where the sweat-wicking and breathability features play a major role in providing you with the level of comfort needed to perform your best at your workout sessions.

Breathable fabrics allow air to flow within the fabric, which in turn wicks away (draws off) sweat moisture from your skin. 

The drawing-off of the sweat gives you the cooling sensation you need, so you feel comfortable during the training.

Our CoreFlex Training T-Shirt is constructed with highly breathable fabric that allows you to maintain your body temperature and remain cool the whole time.

Snurck - Workout Clothes - Blog - Reasons Why You Should Choose The Right Workout Clothes - Breathable

2. Durability of Clothes

Some myths we always hear are that spending a ton of money will guarantee long-lasting clothes. 

We can confidently deny and argue on this matter as we believe the durability and strength of the clothing do not tie to the price tag.

Yes, a high price tag could make you ‘feel’ better, but physically? It might perform as you expect.

Nevertheless, some gym clothing is relatively more expensive due to its construction and fabric type. Normal polyester clothing is not the same as blended polyester clothing, as the latter has the added features that make the clothing more versatile than the other. If you have the money to invest in workout gear, we suggest you get good-quality fabrics with all the features you need to boost your workout performance and are durable enough to sustain several washes.

Compared to what you could find in normal clothing stores down the street, performance wear such as Snurck Outfit will last longer in terms of its fit, form and colour.

3. Extra Layer of Protection

Workout clothes could be an armour that protects your body from the environment.

The breathable and loose fabric is incredibly important if you plan to exercise outside on hot days. These features will provide ventilation, allowing the regulation of your body temperature. In turn, giving you a cooling effect on your body and prevent overheating. Saving you from faint and exhaustion in the middle of the exercise.

Besides, harmful sun rays could damage your skin, especially those with sensitive skin types. Choosing the right workout gear with the UV protection feature is vitally important for the health of your skin if you’re working out under the sun. At Snurck, all of our product is treated to ensure it gives our users the right amount of UV protection.

Pro Tip: Looking for a versatile t-shirt that works like a charm outdoors? Our UltraComfort Bamboo T-Shirt utilizes the natural fabric of Bamboo, providing the breathability, temperature regulation and UV protection you need for your outdoor activities.

4. Comfort

One of the important advantages of wearing the right workout clothes is comfort.

The last thing you want to encounter is wearing workout gear that isn’t comfortable when you hit the gym. 

Too loose tops will disturb your workouts. Too tight trousers will restrict your movement. The wrong shorts will irritate your thigh. Not fun at all!

Snurck - Workout Clothes - Blog - Reasons Why You Should Choose The Right Workout Clothes - Stretchable

Choosing the right workout wear that could provide comfort in terms of the fabric and the design could make a huge difference in your performance. 

You’ll have 101% confidence in what you wear, allowing you to focus on the training session instead of feeling self-conscious. 

Additionally, the right workout clothes could provide you with all the support you need, such as cooling effect, quick-drying, stretchable, UV protective layer and temperature regulation to ensure you are comfortable during the workout.

5. Improves movement

Have you tried working out or running with a pair of skinny jeans? We bet if you tried it, it would be super uncomfortable.


Because tight clothing with unsuitable fabric types like a pair of jeans could restrict your movement and provide zero breathability, you won’t get a good range of motion to complete your workout.

Well, even though we are referring to jeans, and some of you might not even try to use jeans to perform your workout, it applies to most of the normal day-to-day wear out there that aren’t specially made for workouts.

The point being here is that if you wear the wrong workout clothes, it will hold you back from performing your best in your training session.

Snurck - Workout Clothes - Blog - Reasons Why You Should Choose The Right Workout Clothes - Made For Movement

If you are looking for better performance, the best way is to choose flexible workout clothes that allow you to move freely. Don’t go for anything that is either too tight or too loose if you feel it’s restricting your movement. 

At Snurck, we believe that functional clothing is vital to improving the performance of our wearer. That’s why we strive to create clothing that could support our wearer and gives them the right features to be comfortable and perform their very best.


Picking the right workout wear is crucial to ensure you can achieve the maximum output for your training sessions. 

As mentioned, we do not want our workout gear to hold us back in any of the workout regimes. We need our training gear to support us all the time by providing the necessary features to keep us comfortable and easy to move.

To summarize, pick workout clothes that are breathable, durable or long-lasting, UV protection, comfortable and could improve your movement during workouts. 

At Snurck, we deliver you the perfect workout gear that provides you with all the support you need so you can focus on what matters the most in your training sessions.

Check out our shop to get them while the stock lasts!

Thank you for reading.

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