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About Us

What We Are

Inspiring Pursuit of Growth

We believe in highly-functional clothing. Perfect for those who are driven to conquer the world in their own way.

Our Product Vision

We create performance-driven clothing for those who are pursuing growth in life. Each piece is designed for versatility and performance to outfit you for an active life lived on your terms. Focusing on fitness and the betterment of oneself. To inspire people to have a goal in mind every morning they wake up and go to bed with the goal completed.

Snurck was born to help adventure enthusiasts strive for new challenges every day. We believe trying and experiencing something new is the only way to grow mentally and physically. We strive for excellence in everything that we do, by doing and innovating on how we do it.

We believe in versatility and approaching life in a holistic way. 

We support men with a mission to conquer the world, by giving the best in everything they do.

That is why we chose our fabric to be the Bamboo-blend fabric which gives the versatility to withstand different kinds of situations, which most of the adventurous people out there are facing. 

We are seeking those who are looking for an adventurous living while being not afraid of taking up risks and challenges in life.


Ultimate Comfort

Designed For Versatility

Embrace new challenges and explore new things every day with our performance-driven outfit. Premium quality fabrics that reward you with a perfect fit and comfort, so you can focus on what matters the most in your life: to pursue your dreams and never get distracted.

Exclusive Material

Made With Integrity

Our Bamboo-blend clothing is purposefully crafted with you in mind. We hope for a better tomorrow, hence we are keen on our impact. We take our responsibility to create a sustainable fabric with an ethical manufacturing process.



Snurck is an easy everyday style designed for you to achieve a meaningful purpose in life.

We’re bringing things back to the basics in a way like never before. Simply put. When it comes to your go-to basics, you deserve better. Whether you go out for travel, leisure or anything in between, nothing is more important than staying cool, fresh, and comfortable. 

This is where we were drawn to the incredible natural benefits of Bamboo-based clothing. The fabric was perfectly designed for travel and versatile enough to support most of your daily routines and occasions. 

After months of researching, designing and sampling – we partnered with some of the manufacturers and suppliers to produce the most stylish, versatile and highest performing Bamboo-blend clothing that’s made specifically for travel and normal day-to-day activities.

Our main goal is to create simple yet high performing clothing which is versatile enough for any occasion.